About Us

Founded and chartered in 2011, GSO is a community dedicated to enhancing the graduate nursing students’ experience at Hunter College. Your status as a masters and doctoral student automatically entitles you to membership in GSO.

The Founding GSO Executive Committee were Jorge Prada (President), Fernand “Dean” A. De Los Reyes (Vice President), Valerie Burgos-Kneeland (Secretary), Svetlana Takhalova (Treasurer) and Prof. Manuel C. Co Jr. (Faculty Advisor).

Past GSO activities have engaged our community of graduate nursing students in various ways. GSO have greeted potential students, participated in the orientation of incoming students, supported current students in developing their advocacy skills and meeting with State Legislators in Albany NY, facilitated workshops to enhance student’s academic writing ability, and celebrated graduating students when they complete their studies at Hunter College.

As we welcome a new academic year, we are looking for student leaders to serve on the GSO Executive Board.  This is an opportunity to play a vital role in enhancing the graduate nursing students’ experience at Hunter College, while developing professional relationships with peers and faculty, and developing and refining your leadership skills.